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Director of Community Impact | United Way of Frederick County

Marko Petric is THE person you want engaged in your organization's communications and external facing messaging. Marko's writing and proofreading skills are second to none and were invaluable when rolling out the ALICE Report for Maryland. He is an expert in media relations and public policy and comfortable speaking with any audience.
Aside from contributing significantly to our communications and advancement work as an employee, Marko helped shape our signature Community Impact programs as an intern. While interning with me he helped create report cards to evaluate our largest grantees that are included in our annual reports and used throughout the year to improve outcomes and maximize the impact of our investments. 

Marko's project management skills are an asset to any team he is part of as they enhance efficiency and help everyone improve the quality of their work. His versatile skill set and adaptability are a rare asset as he showed when helping to complete projects such as our inaugural Leadership Breakfast while we were searching for a new Director of Advancement. When you also consider Marko's professionalism and positive attitude any team would be fortunate to have him.

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caitlin carey

Director of Public Policy | United Way Worldwide

Marko and I worked together on a story collection grant program and in preparation for the United Way Worldwide annual Advocacy Forum. Through these ventures, Marko took on new professional responsibilities and independently led cross-functional projects from start to finish. This entailed effective project management and using his ability to establish relationships with VITA volunteers and clients, elected officials and staffers, and colleagues across the network. In addition, he worked on developing and promoting different advocacy materials such as letters, blogs, presentations, press releases, and social media posts. This entailed strong writing and communication skills and an understanding of and passion for policy issues.

Marko has a phenomenal ability to build and maintain relationships with elected officials, organize and attend meetings on Capitol Hill with members of U.S. Congress and congressional staffers, and advocate for policies benefitting low-income families, in an inclusive nonpartisan manner. 

It was a pleasure to partner with Marko as he was always the consummate professional.

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Austin Pearre

Vice President, Business Banking | M&T Bank

Executive Board Member | United Way of Frederick County

I had the pleasure of working closely with Marko while serving as an Executive Board Member and Co-Chairman of the Resource and Development Committee for United Way of Frederick County (UWFC).
Although he was new to the organization, Marko quickly impressed me with his enthusiasm, his communication and organizational skills, and his ability to gracefully interact with community leaders, corporate executives and elected officials for the betterment of the community.
Marko was tasked with tracking activities and results, coordinating weekly and monthly progress meetings, and interacting very closely with the UWFC’s Executive Director, Board members and the Resource and Development Committee. With 70+ campaigns to coordinate, this was no easy task. Through his organized and diligent hard work, Marko quickly pulled the information together by utilizing his exceptional software skills to create a reporting system.
Marko is an extremely competent, dedicated, and hard-working professional who has my full endorsement. He would be a tremendous asset to any organization.

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Director of the Educational Leadership Program | Hood College

Executive Board President | United Way of Frederick County

I have known Marko for several years, beginning as he was working toward his Bachelor’s Degree at Hood College and continuing through his internship and subsequent employment at United Way of Frederick County.
Marko practices excellent interpersonal skills — his oral communication and his body language are both highly positive, which leaves his interlocutors with an impression of sincere interest in them. This quality, among others, demonstrates that Marko possesses a level of social maturity atypical for his age.
Sometimes, ticklish political situations arose in the nonprofit environment and, at such times, Marko consistently maintained a professional and objective demeanor. He added a sense of level-headedness and balance by staying focused on key targets, investing his talents for the good of the organization, and effectively collaborating with his colleagues.
Also noteworthy is the transition United Way underwent due to the departure of our CEO; during this time, Marko played a pivotal role by stepping up to help organize and manage the Annual Fundraising Campaign for the organization.
I have the highest personal regard for Marko, and recommend him without reservation. 

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Dr. Paige Eager

Chair, Department of Political Science | Hood College

I first met Marko during the initial weeks of his freshman year at Hood College. Through the course of four years, I saw first-hand Marko take on many leadership positions across campus – most significantly, within the Hood College Model United Nations club. He possesses superb written and oral communication skills and is able to synthesize significant academic materials to make cogent analytical arguments. Marko is conscientious, dependable, and able to work well both independently and in a group setting.

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